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  1. purplerainwinq

    The Six Legends A story By purplerainwinq

    So I'm making this story and I want to hear some feedback. The story is about six 13 year olds who have long lost magical powers. The dark magic of a guy named Shadowbane had removed all the magic from the land of Antica around 500 years ago. And he is back. six kids bron with the long lost...
  2. purplerainwinq

    I need cubits

    I'm trying to buy a title on the store and i need 2.50 cubits. Donations accepted.
  3. purplerainwinq

    Your invited to...

    You have been invited to THE MANACUBE 2020 ELECTION CELEBRATION PARTY! When: Saturday April 4th at 1:00 pm CDT What: We will celebrate the manacube 2020 elections with a party and a freebuild! Where: /is warp ItzLaney80 in aztec skyblock. We will also pay respects to the new owner of Mana! (not...
  4. purplerainwinq

    Look at this lol

    when someone buys elite
  5. purplerainwinq

    Manacube 2020 Election Statement! ~~IMPORTANT PLEASE READ~~

    <!> My Statements <!> If I become owner heres how we shall run things and heres what I shall do! .I will make a optional custom chat filter .I will add new gamemodes .I will add new staff ranks .I will add monthly key alls .I will hire new staff .Everyone will get a monthly 5.00 in cubits .I...
  6. purplerainwinq

    Watch my video I made! Its a fanmade trailer for one of my favorite books!
  7. purplerainwinq

    A story ive been making please read and give feedback Tell me what u think!
  8. purplerainwinq

    new username ideas i need helpz

    does purplerainwinq look gkood i lile it because i can make it purple. any other odeas?
  9. purplerainwinq

    My dogs!!!!!!

    These are my dogs!
  10. purplerainwinq

    Why you should vote for Laney

    The Manacube 2020 Elections Start Today I WANT YOU TO VOTE LANEY!!!!!!! My Policies Discrimination~~ I NEVER discriminate anyone for sexual preference, race, color, religion, gender or any other reasons. Anyone being discriminative will be muted depending on the severity. Chat Filter~~ I...
  11. purplerainwinq

    vote for me

    Hello! Im delaney and im running for manacube 2020 elections. You should vote for me because im friendly and im smart. Unlike jacon and dadcon, i NEVER troll and have NEVER been banned or muted. I also am creative and funny. heres bad things about others to make me seem better. Jacon: wow what a...
  12. purplerainwinq

    Who will you vote for?

  13. purplerainwinq

    Does mana have a pocket server?

    I just got my first tablet and i got minecraft! does maa have a pe server? And if no can it get one?
  14. purplerainwinq

    I needign ideas!

    helpz me! I need ign ideas im all out!
  15. purplerainwinq

    Check this out!

    Wings of Fire Book by tui t Sutherland. This is made with gacha life.
  16. purplerainwinq

    Animal crossing

    i played acnh today with my sis. found 4 tarauntulas caught 2 attacked by 2 got stung by wasps thanks to kennedy who shook a tree and ran away and lead them to me. lotta screaming today. anyone else played its awesome and matches the weather outside. windy today windy ingame. the graphics are...
  17. purplerainwinq

    Continue the song.

    How this game works is i say a part of a song then you have to say the next verse and then so on. exampl: Laney: i got my helmet on my head raptor: cant figure out what that zombie said. ill start I can hear you...
  18. purplerainwinq

    ban the person above.

    Lets play.