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  1. CommandProTeun

    What do y'all listen to when you mine?

    Even tho im not really a big star wars fan i love john williams his star wars tracks. U should listen to star wars music
  2. CommandProTeun


    i will do that!
  3. CommandProTeun


    Can i private message staff on the forum? I would sure like to do that! -CommandProTeun
  4. CommandProTeun


    A cubit is worth 5k mana in parkour server right? not sure tho. -CommandProTeun
  5. CommandProTeun


    hello i am brother of teun he is a big poopoohead bye bye
  6. CommandProTeun

    message to fellow manacube players

    ily u <3
  7. CommandProTeun

    Someone help me with this glitch!

    @gapplegal thx for the answer, and btw it was an accident to vote there :(
  8. CommandProTeun

    Someone help me with this glitch!

    Hello people, i have a glitch/bug, i once voted in the map maker world and as you may know, when u do /spawn, /warp treasure. You're inv changes. and i have vote keys in my map maker inv but as i do /warp treasure it ofcourse goes away out of my inv. Anybody knows how i can still use my keys...