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Map Maker World | Staff Promotio... by Dacon


The Map Maker World is a place for the Parkour community to create maps. You can get here by clicking the grass block in the play menu, or by typing /warp maps

Plots are generated in a void environment, and there is also a rating system which players can use to rate maps.Shown Below

One of the biggest benefits of the Map Maker World is maps that are accepted, can be added Parkour immediately due to it being on the same ser


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Parkour Practice World by Dacon

The Practice World has been released!

What is the practice world?

It is a cloned version of the main world, except you are able to fly! When completing a course in this world, you will not earn any gems or score.

Ever stuck on a jump, but don't want to re-do all the previous jumps to keep trying it? Well now you can practice any jump you want over and over!

How do I get to the practice world?

You can teleport to any difficulty in the practice world by clicking the iron boots in the /play menu

You can leave this world


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Lucky Chest by Dacon

The Lucky Chest has been released on Skyblock, Islands & Survival, and will be available from March 7th - April 6th

Some of the rewards include;

  • Viper Enchantment
  • Inquisitive Enchantment
  • /block perk - Turn all ingots/resources into blocks
  • Green Chat Color
  • Super Charged creeper pet
  • Iron Golem Spawners
  • Re-styled Lucky Title
  • Kingdom Upgrades
  • Money Pouches
  • Rank Upgrade papers
  • ItemFilter Perk
  • Winged Boots (Survival) Allows flying in own party land

Keys are now available at https://store.manacube.com/category/696764