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Store Update Pt #2 by Dacon


Save 70% off all packages from now until thanksgiving weekend!


Our store was showing outdated information for ranks. Rank descriptions are now updated, and we've also added some new perks to all 3 ranks

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Parkour 2.0 - Info - Features - ... by Dacon

There will be a reset, this will probably be the only opportunity we'll have to do one (to be able to support name-changing), and 70% of people who voted are in favor

We have released our Reset Vault plugin on Parkour. Type /VAULT to open it. Items you put in here will be saved after the reset in 2.0. There are 54 slots in the reset vault

You cannot put treasure keys or ender pearls in this vault.

We will be using this plugin for other servers in future resets (On other servers, the vaults will be in whitelist mode, meaning you can only put stuff we allow in it. Like Sell Wands or holiday items for example.)

As of now, you can also download your Map Maker plots by


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Webstore Revamp by Dacon

We have launched our new webstore! If you find any bugs, please let us know

New Payment Methods Soon

In the next coming weeks, we will begin supporting new payment methods

Some of the new upcoming methods will be:

- Subway & Other Giftcards
- Steam
- Bitcoin
- Amazon Pay
- PaySafeCard
- Mobile Phone Bill
- More Banks Supported

New Design

The store has a much more cleaner and smoother design.

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